How to be a powerful woman

Hi Ladies! This post is actually a free sample of what the members of my exclusive email list for elegant women receive on a regular basis. I created this list for women who want to become more elegant without feeling overwhelmed. Each week I send a few emails with tips on how to live a beautiful, elegant life and become extremely desirable, magnetic, and self confident. This email is how to become a powerful woman.

Let’s talk about Power

It’s something that I have become more fascinated with as I get older. This is because with each day I am realizing how powerful women truly are.

I want to learn how to weaponize my natural power as a woman in this world.

Becoming more elegant has made me feel more empowered, and that is where the fascination with power comes from .

In today’s email I want to share 5 laws of power that every women should master.

These tips come from the book The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

1. Always say less than what’s necessary.

It is very easy to explain yourself all the time. It’s very easy to share too much of your life online since everyone else is doing the same.

Powerful people know that it is better to say less than what is necessary. People can’t be trusted these days and you also run the risk of saying something in the moment that you shouldn’t say.

Your takeaway: Start working on a new version of yourself that doesn’t feel the need to explain herself. That doesn’t share too much of her life to everyone, that says less than what is necessary

2. Protect your reputation

This one is HUGE. Having a solid reputation will get you far in life. People will trust and respect you. You can use your reputation to be successful in life, but if you ruin your reputation, you will lose that trust and respect.

We see this all the time in Hollywood. You must guard your reputation with your life because if can make or break you.

Your takeaway: Do your best to maintain a classy reputation everywhere you go. Remember, with the rise of social media, your digital reputation is just as important as your physical one. Be careful what you post on social media. I have an entire module about social media in my Elegance Course if you are interested.

3. Win through your actions, never through an argument.

Arguments are one of the biggest ways you can waste time and drain your precious energy. Don’t lower your standards and your vibrational energy by arguing with someone. Actions speak louder than words, so focus on winning with actions.

Your takeaway: Learn how to manage your temper, and your feelings so that you don’t feel compelled to engage in an argument. Never argue with people on social media, especially not over politics. Focus on making your actions match the outcome you desire. That is where you can show people who you really are.

4. Avoid unhappy and unlucky people.

I’m glad this is one of the laws of power because I have been preaching this to women and practicing this in my own life for the past couple of years and I have seen an increase in my happiness from removing unhappy and unlucky people from my life.

When you surround yourself with unhappy and unlucky people their misfortunes will bring you down. I know this because I experienced it first hand.

Unlucky people tend to always be victims and nothing is ever their fault. They spend a lot of their time complaining about life instead of making improvements.

Your takeaway: Be selective about the people you allow into your life. Don’t be friends with people with a toxic spirit.

5. Use absence to Increase respect.

You are a masterpiece, you are a prize. The more present and available you are, the more people will perceive you are common and you will lower your value.

By mastering the art of strategic absence, you are creating mystery and causing people to talk about you more. You will create more perceived value.

Your takeaway: Don’t feel the need to be everywhere. Say no sometimes and spend time away from everyone else. Don’t post every single thing you do on social media.

I have a couple of friends who I often wonder about because they don’t share their lives online. It makes me think about them all the time and I often wonder that they are simply too busy winning at life to worry about posting everything on social media. Privacy is a total power move these days, so give it a try.

The bottom Line

I hope you are as fascinated by these laws of power as I am. I have been practicing these for a while and I can assure you that you do feel more powerful when you apply these in your life.

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