4 reasons why you need a morning routine.

Do you absolutely hate waking up in the morning? Do you find yourself rushing out the door, almost late to work, feeling tired, rushed, and low on energy? If you are feeling any of these things, you probably don’t have a morning routine. And if you do have one, you need to make some changes to it immediately.

Today we are talking all about the importance of a carefully curated morning routine and why you need one in your life. My name is Victoria and I run the Life of Your Dreams course, where I teach women just like you how to make every single one of your dreams come true and cultivate a life of abundance and happiness.

When I first started my life transformation, I was working full time and my kids were still little. The mornings were a hot mess. Even though I tried to prepare everything the night before, I still found myself running around like a crazy person in the morning, barely making it to work on time.

This left me exhausted, not in a good mood when I got to work, hungry, and not feeling 100%. It’s not a good way to live when you work full time.

After a good bit of research, I realized that the reason why I was having these extremely rushed and unproductive morning routines was because I didn’t have a morning routine.

Basically, it’s not rocket science, but if you create a morning routine that promotes a happy and successful day, your entire day will be so much better. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a morning routine.

The most successful people in the world have morning routines.

Sometimes peer pressure and doing something just because others are doing it can be a good thing. During my research I learned that the top most successful people in the world have morning routines and rituals that give them the energy to be productive throughout the day.

Actor Mark Wahlberg starts his day at 2:30 am! This article shares details about Wahlberg’s routine. He makes time to for prayer, a workout, shower, cryo therapy, golf, and so much more.

I actually started a fitness routine last year and I discovered that when I work out at home in the morning, I had SO much energy and I was so ready for the day, I felt accomplished that I took care of my body but working out gave me a natural high that I’ve never experienced before. Wahlberg’s morning routine might be a stretch, but it’s still very interesting and inspiring.

You will have time for you.

The problem with rushing out the door in the morning is that you have zero time for yourself. I know people often say ‘me’ time is for after work on the weekends, but have you ever considered that if you take some time for yourself in the morning that your day might be ten times better?

By simply taking as little as 20 minutes for yourself to meditate, do some morning yoga, read a book while you wake up, write down your dreams, etc, you are starting your day in a way that takes care of you. And when you are feeling your best, you can perform better at work or for your family.

In my Life of your Dreams course I go into more detail about morning and evening routines and I also have a huge list of morning routine ideas.

Morning routines are good for your mental health

I am a huge advocate for prioritizing mental health, so it’s no surprise that I’m mentioning the mental health benefits to having a morning routine.

Having a morning routine reduces stress because you have more time to wake up, get ready, and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

You get better nutrition because you wake up in time to prepare yourself a healthy breakfast instead of grabbing something to rake out the door-or worse…stopping for fast food.

If you decided to work out in the morning, your body releases endorphins, which is that natural high I was talking about.

Morning routines help regulate sleep

Mark Wahlberg wakes up at 2:30 am but he also goes to sleep at 7:30 pm. He has a strict schedule that works for his body and it is very important to get good quality sleep.

A good night’s sleep promotes a healthy blood pressure, reduces stress, gives you energy, helps with weight, etc. I think proper sleep is something that we don’t focus on enough now days with so many people binge watching Netflix until the wee hours of the morning.

The bottom line

If you are struggling with low energy and productivity throughout the day, chances are you need to create a proper morning routine.

A good morning routine will leave you feeling energized, less stress, more productive, and will set the tone for you the rest of the day.

I have so many tips for morning routines in my Life of your Dreams course. If you are feeling stuck in your life and aren’t sure what you need to do to create a life of happiness, abundance, and success, this course is perfect for you.


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