How to sleep like an elegant woman

Well hello there, darling. How sweet are you to visit my blog today? I’m so glad you’re here! If you are new, my name is Victoria. I run the Modern Elegance, Simplified course.

I teach women just like you how to create a life of elegance and class. But today I want to talk to you about something super important.


The importance of a good night sleep…

I recently had a health scare lately…basically there was a small chance that I had a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. I’m not going to get too deep into sleep apnea but basically what happens is that you don’t get enough deep sleep during the night.

Our body repairs itself during sleep. It re-energizes itself, and gets us ready for another day.

Lack of adequate sleep not only leaves us tired with low energy, it also puts us at a greater risk for heart disease, weight gain, and more.

Elegant women take their beauty sleep very seriously. They value their health and well being, so they have measures in place to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Here are a few things you can do to sleep like an elegant woman.

Invest in a good mattress and pillow for better sleep.

I know that investing in a good mattress and pillow is easier said than done. a quality mattress is pretty expensive these days and honestly, when we are ready and excited to spend large amounts of money, we don’t think to spend it on a mattress.

I mean who even goes to mattress stores in 2020? (just kidding) But seriously, a high quality mattress is going to be an investment in your overall health.

If you are satisfied with your mattress and don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new one, I suggest investing in a really nice pillow.

A few years ago, I got my hands on an amazing and heavenly memory foam pillow. I had only been used to using basic, inexpensive pillows from target and I really didn’t even think to get a nice pillow back then.

But once I got my new pillow I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on all these years. I can’t go anywhere without that pillow. I even take it on vacations with me because it is just so comforable. It’s like sleeping on a cloud every night.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what brand it is because I tore the tag off a long time ago. I wish I was able to link it because I really haven’t found another pillow like it. If I do find something similar, I will be sure to link it!

Bonus! I made a deep sleep playlist for you! Try it sometime.

Invest in silk or satin bedding

Silk is more expensive, satin is more affordable, both give your bed a luxurious feel and also feel great on your skin. I used to have a satin comfortor that I got from walmart of all places. It was amazing but that was over a decade ago.

If you can’t invest in silk or satin bedding, I suggest getting a pillowcase. This satin pillowcase is super affordable and comes in a variety of colors.

Satin is great for your skin and hair as well, it’s smooth texture prevents your hair from frizzing up and is better for your face. I highly recommend.

Use a Sound machine

I reluctantly bought a sound machine because I live in a townhouse and I was having major issues with the neighbors being loud at night.

It was disturbing my sleep and it was starting to really stress me out. I started looking for sound machines.

I honestly didn’t think I would like having a sound machine in my room because I really like peace and quiet, but I picked up this sound machine and guess what? I can’t live without it now. I think everyone should have one actually.


Aromatherapy is so important to me. Lavender has been long known to promote sleep and anxiety relief, so there are many ways to incoroprate lavender into your bedtime routine.

Pillow spray is one of my favorite ways to use aromatherapy for sleep. I have a lavender pillow spray that I purchased at my local lavender farm.

It’s so pure and the smell lasts all night! I spray my pillow with it every night before I fall asleep.

Take a bath with lavender body wash and lotion. I use citrus scents when I take a shower in the morning, and calming scents when I am taking a shower or a bath in the evening.

This promotes a sense of calm before I go to bed.

Another amazing way to incorporate aromatherapy into your bedtime routine is to use body oils. My favorite body oils are from Bath and Body Works. Their oils smell amazing and the smell lingers for a long time.

Bedtime yoga

Did you know that you can do yoga while you are on your bed? Yep! I like to call it lazy yoga, but stretching your body while listening to calming music is a great way to prepare for sleep. It’s important to give your body that attention at then end of the day.

You can do all of your favorite sitting down yoga poses. I personally never do any of the standing poses on the bed, that is for daytime.

You can check pinterest and youtube to get some ideas for poses. Once you start doing them, you’ll get a feel for what poses are the best for your body before bed.

**Bonus tip: Try to have a good laugh before you fall asleep.

I love to watch hilarious videos on youtube, facebook, or instagram and I also have a bunch of tweets and memes saved to refer to before I fall asleep. I am a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine.

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