5 Secrets skills Classy Women should master.

Hello Gorgeous!

My name is Victoria and I’m, so incredibly happy you are here with me today. If you are new to my blog, I run the Modern Elegance, Simplified course. I teach women how to cultivate an elegant and classy lifestyle. Today, I’m sharing 5 Secret skills that every classy woman should master.

These are skills that I believe have fallen off the radar. Some skills were never on the radar which is a total shame. I believe that a boss babe should always have many secret weapons at her disposal and today I’m sharing a few.

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Successful Women should master elegance and class

Before you roll your eyes and say ‘this isn’t a secret skill’..think again. Sorry not sorry but people don’t practice good etiquette anymore. It has truly become an thing of the past.

Not only can you absolutely charm people with flawless etiquette, but you are taking yourself to the next level as a person. You are setting a high standard for yourself, how you are perceived, and how others around you should treat you.

Since I was young I have always been so intrigued by royal families and the strict etiquette rules that they follow. I assume that the movie ‘The Princess Diaries’ had something to do with that.

I love how feminine, graceful, and polite the royal women are.

While we don’t have to take it to such extremes, I think that successful women should be able to conduct her self with elegance and class in every day situations.

Additionally, one thing we have now days that we need to master etiquette for is the internet. Successful women need to know how to conduct themselves online. It’s a whole different world on the web and I believe that some basic social media etiquette should be practiced at all times.

I have a whole course on elegance and class. It’s called Modern Elegance, Simplified and if you are looking to polish up your personality, definitely check it out.

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Classy women should master the art of manipulating people subconsciously with just the color of her clothing.

It’s no secret that colors have a very powerful effect on our mood. I have been a huge fan of the psychology of color and how it is used in branding every single day to subconsciously manipulate our minds.

One thing I realized is that we can use this to our advantage by dressing according to how we want to make people feel while in our presence.

Picture this: You are going to a hot party. You want to stand out from the other women at the party, you want to exude confidence and power. What color dress would you wear?

If you said Red, you are totally right! Red is a power color. It demands attention, increases heart rate, It is bold and confident. It’s the perfect color for standing out at a party.

Take some time to do some research about color psychology the next time you are planning an outfit for an occasion. I promise it is like a secret weapon that every successful women needs in her arsenal.

Classy women should be financially educated.

I know you might think financial education really isn’t a secret skill. But it kind of is. I know some of you may already have a good understand of finances but some women don’t and to be completely honest, I didn’t start learning finance until like, 2 years ago when I was 27 years old.

Because of my lack of proper financial education, I feel like I wasted most of my 20’s because I worked all the time and have absolutely no money to show for it. This is because I have no idea what to do with my money or my credit for that matter. I thought that I was just supposed to go to work and pay bills.

But there is SO much more than that. And I learned that wealth isn’t just for the wealthy. If you are educated and implement what you learn, you can create and build your own wealth.

Elegant women should master the art of getting ready in 20 minutes or less.

The older we get, the busier we get. Successful women need to be able to get ready for an event and make themselves look like it took them an hour to get ready.

We all have those moments when we sleep in, forget about an obligation, have an over booked schedule and it’s important to be able to make yourself look like a queen in a quick second.

To help me with this, I work on creating a capsule wardrobe which is a wardrobe filled with different pieces of clothing that can all be used together. You can pair each of the pieces with each other and you will always have an incredibly chic outfit.

I am terrible at fashion but I am in the middle of curating my perfect capsule wardrobe and I would say it is coming along nicely.

I also have my makeup routine down to a science and I can create a cute day look and some basic evening looks in just 10 minutes or less. This has helped me so much because I don’t like taking a long time to get ready.

I have also created a capsule makeup collection that works for me. I have the perfect mix of makeup that I can create any type of look with and it didn’t break the bank for me.

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Classy women should master the art of multi tasking and time management.

Successful women often have a lot on their plate. Whether it is in business, home life, both, etc, there are always things that need to be done. I personally have learned that It’s hard juggling everything that life throws at you.

The best way to do this is to have a strategy and a plan for everything. Stay organized. Use a calendar, a planner, anything and everything you need to do to stay on top of your obligations.

Those are my favorite secret skills that every successful women should master. I hope that you can use these to take yourself to the next level.