Comfort Zone: Why it’s hurting you and tips for stepping outside of it.

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Today I’m going to chat a little bit about something that I have done recently that has just made me SO much happier than I ever thought I would be. I stepped outside my comfort zone and man did it feel refreshing!
For a long time, I’ve kind of been living in a bubble. I would say ever since I became a mom, I really toned down my life and got into a routine. A pretty boring one if I do say so myself. I have been in full mom mode and while it has been a rewarding experience, my kids are getting older now and I am starting to feel younger and I have more desire to do things that I haven’t done in years.
Recently though, I sort of accidentally did something out of my comfort zone and Ill get into that a little bit later but first, I want to talk about comfort zones and why they can actually be bad for you.

‘Comfort Zone’ is defined as the temperature range within which one is comfortable.’ 

Easy enough, but what does that really mean? When you really think about it, you comfort zone is a sort of wall, or boundary that we place on ourselves. I want you to take a second and think of the last time you told someone “I would never do that.” I find myself saying it all the time in response to several things. But I most recently said it when my hairstylist mentioned she was taking her daughter zip lining for her birthday. Once I got home, I thought to myself, how toxic am I to my own self?. By shutting things down, I’m missing out on opportunities to expand myself as a person and it’s just plain toxic.
I’ve also started watching Will Smith’s show on Facebook watch called Will Smith’s bucket list.It’s an awesome show documenting Will checking things off his bucket list that are out of his comfort zone. It’s a freeing feeling to so something that you wouldn’t normally do, and I highly encourage you to do the same!
Here are some tips for stepping out of your comfort zone:
Understand that by doing this, you will open yourself up to a realm of possibilities. This could potentially change your life and the way you think, so take it seriously.
You have to be ready to take risks, even if they are small ones at first.

Identify what is outside of your comfort zone.

If you think long enough, I’m sure you can come up with a few things that are outside your comfort zone. Every time you catch yourself telling yourself or someone else “I would never do that”, write it down so you can tackle it later.
If possible, introduce these things little by little until you become more comfortable. For example, I am terrified of doing Instagram stories, or any kind of video content. I’m afraid of showing my face in video form. After months of convincing, I actually posted my first video story a few days ago and it wasn’t as bad as I thought! I’ve become more comfortable with posting and I’m not as terrified as I was before.

Here are 6 easy ideas for stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Try a new food
  • Wear an outfit that you’ve always wanted to wear but you haven’t been confident enough.
  • Try a new activity on the weekend such as hiking, ziplining, or something like that.
  • Travel to a location you wouldn’t normally choose.
  • Change up your daily routine.
  • Learn about new countries and cultures (I’ve been doing this and I love it)