Minimalist Fall Capsule Wardrobe ideas

Minimalist fall capsule wardrobe 

Fall is finally here! I have been waiting for this since Summer began. Not only do I love fall weather, I love fall fashion. Oversized sweaters, jeans, and boots are my favorite. Fall fashion is super comfy and cozy, that’s what I like most. Even though I love Fall Fashion, I’m still a total minimalist, and I like to create capsule wardrobes, so that I can make many different looks out of the pieces of clothing that I purchase. I’m not a big spender when it comes to clothes either. Ideally, I like to spend $20 or less on an article of clothing for myself. If I can get it for $10 or less, I’m really happy. Jeans are an exception because they usually are a bit pricier, but I always wait until there’s a juicy sale and then take full advantage.

This year I need to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe. I would like some more sweaters, cardigans, and even some graphic tees. Because I love to represent the things that I’m into at the moment. But pretty much I’m going to be getting a lot of black, grey, and white clothes. It’s just what I wear the most in the fall and winter. I just picked up a couple of cute things at target and I want to share with you some of the other clothes I have my eye one this season.
Basic Tees from target.
Gosh I love target so much. I was there the other day looking for some basics to add to my wardrobe and I found some awesome short sleeve and long sleeve v-neck tees. I much prefer v-neck instead of scoop neck, so I grabbed a couple of these immediately. I got a black and grey short sleeve, and then a grey long sleeve. They also had a bright red short sleeve tee, which I will probably grab next week and save for Christmas time. The best thing is- the short sleeve tees are only $8 and the long sleeve tees are $10!! They are also super soft and comfortable. I love them!

There are also some scoop neck tees that are super cute as well, but I am still debating if I should get them or not. They are super light, like summer material. But there is on black and white striped on that I really like. I might get it, but it isn’t on the very top of my list.
Oversized sweaters.
Okay, I have been looking for the perfect oversized sweaters and I found the cutest ones at American Eagle. They are so soft and chunky they just look so warm and they come in several different colors. I will definitely be grabbing a few of them when they are on sale.

My current jeans situation is terrible. I only have 2 pairs that are suitable for fall. I pretty much only get my jeans at Hollister, so as soon as they have a decent sale I’ll grab at least 2 pair. One that is slightly distressed, and one that isn’t. I love Hollister clothes because they fit me so well and they always have cute dresses.

I would love to have a velvet skirt, I love anything velvet but I have a hard time finding velvet skirts that I’m willing to pay for. I swear, I really don’t like spending that much money on clothes. If I find one that I can’t resist, I’ll get it.
Every year I look for the perfect plaid skirt, and I never find it. If I do, the price is too high and I end up picking something else. But it would be really nice to find a cute one
I already have 3 cute cardigans, I suppose I could use maybe 1 or 2 more. It’s hard for me to find cardigans though. I’m such a small person that I feel like they swallow me. I don’t know, there might be such thing as too oversized. In my experience anyway.

I need some rain boots. Everyone in my family has a pair but me, and the reason is because I don’t want to spend that much money on them! I wouldn’t wear them every day so I just don’t see the point. The more I write this post, the more I realize that I might be an extreme cheapskate.

I would also love some sexy over the knee boots, because I see them every year but I never get around to purchasing them. 

I could use some over the knee boots. I keep seeing them everywhere and they look good with mini skirts and tights in the fall. I haven’t found a pair that fits me right yet, but when I do, I will pick them up.
I need at least one or 2 hoodies for the days that I just want to be super casual. The problem is that I like plain hoodies. Not oversized ones, not crop hoodies, not graphic hoodies. I cant find plain hoodies anywhere.

Graphic tees
I need a stranger things tee! I saw them everywhere last year and I was like eh. I mean I love the show, but I didn’t really see the point in getting a tee. But now I think a tee would look super cute with jeans and cute shoes. I also wouldn’t mind a barbie tee or a marvel comics tee. I’ll just have to go out on the town and wait until I stumble on some cute tees.
That’s pretty much it for my fall wardrobe this year. Super minimal and I like it that way. Is there anything I’m forgetting? Let me know!


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  1. November 2, 2018 / 2:46 pm

    I love the idea of capsule wardrobes, but I can never control myself with clothes (especially jumpers!). I want to be able to get to a place where I have a capsule wardrobe, and a load of classics and staples to work with, rather than loads of random pieces of clothes. I can’t wait to start wearing oversized jumpers again!

    Beka |

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