Fun Seed Science for Kids

Fun Seed Science for kids: $1 Seed germination project

Spring is almost here! While I am not looking forward to the bugs, I am excited for beautiful spring weather. I like to do a lot of projects with the kids in the spring, planting seeds is always one of them. I figured I might as well do a seed germination project with the kids. They were excited as always, so we went to the dollar store and got watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, tomato seeds, and broccoli seeds. They were 25 cents per package, so it only cost $1. Can’t beat that 🙂

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This is the perfect quick, fun, inexpensive, and mess free project to do with kids. Let me know if you try it!

What you’ll need
Paper towels
Ziploc bag
We started by pouring out all of the seeds and inspecting them. Making note of their color, shape, and size. 
Next, we grabbed 4 ziploc bags and labeled them accordingly. This is so we don’t forget which ones are which.
Then, we got 4 paper towels, wet them, squeezed them out a little but still left them pretty wet. We placed the seeds into the paper towels and folded them into fourths. Then we put them in the appropriate bags.
I taped the bags to my bedroom window because it gets the most sun. I was told that broccoli seeds could be stored in a dark place so I put those in the bathroom under the sink.

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We did this project on Friday and are already seeing results.

The Broccoli seeds are the only one with any action going on, but they actually started sprouting within 2 days. It was fun for the kids to see how fast it was. 

The watermelon seeds have barely started to sprout! They weren’t showing any progress yesterday so its nice that they are sprouting. 
The tomato seeds are barely sprouting as well and they are SO tiny and cute! Here is a close up of the broccoli seed, the tomato seed and the watermelon seed.
The pumpkin seeds aren’t showing any activity. They have become slimy and that is about it. I cant wait to put these guys in soil next wee to see how big I can grow them. If I start seeing more progress I will update the post. Otherwise I will be growing these guys big enough to put into soil!


The pumpkin seeds finally sprouted! Took about 7 days. It’s time to wrap this project up so we can plant flowers, but here are the results after 10 days


Have you tried this project with your kids? Let me know how it went! I’d love to hear what kind of seeds you used and the results.

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