Game Changer: Macaroni and Cheese Burger

Macaroni and Cheese Burger:

The best Burger I’ve ever had!


If you are a food lover like myself, you might find this post super delightful ?

I went to dinner with my besties over the weekend and we decided to go to T.G.I. Friday’s. It was really nice because I hadn’t been to that particular location in years, brought back so many memories. Anyways, usually when I go to Friday’s I order the same thing. Usually I get the Pretzel Sticks + Beer cheese (which is sooooo amazing) and the Friday’s Shrimp with a side salad. Always super delicious choices, but I figured I would try something new.

And that’s when I came across the Macaroni and Cheese burger. I was like omggggggg. So that’s what I ordered, and you guys. It was amazinggg

Ok Here’s the situation:

Bacon, Beer Cheese, Mac N Cheese, Burger, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion. Literal Perfection.

 I don’t know why I haven’t tried this before, and I’m probably late on this trend, I didn’t know that mac n cheese burgers were even a thing. It was super amazing, I’m always tempted to find an excuse to go get another one so soon. Lol I love Cheeseburgers so this was a dream. I highly recommend!!

The Melting Pot: The best place I’ve ever eaten

Dessert: Longhorn Steakhouse
I have also been out for dessert lately. The girls and I like to go out and get dessert sometimes when its cold out and there’s nothing much else to do. They really love the dessert at Longhorn Steakhouse, they usually get a Molton Lava Cake, which is hot brownie and vanilla ice cream. It’s incredible.

We decided to try olive Garden’s Dessert last week, and they loved it! Alexa had the Chocolate Mousse cake and Zoey had Cheesecake with Strawberry sauce. Both tasted amazing, but I think they were a bit overpriced for the portions, at least compared to Longhorn. I was expecting slightly bigger slices of cake but both tasted incredible and the girls loved it of course. They love going out for dessert.

Anyway, I’ll be eating my way around town this year and sharing the experiences with you. I got tons of great reccommendations last week for places to go, so I can’t wait to start checking places off the list.

Have your tried a Macaroni and Cheese burger? Am I just late to find this out? Let me know!



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