Sexy, Red dresses for Valentines Day

Sexy, Affordable Valentines Day Dresses

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. This is crazy, considering I really dislike Christmas and Thanksgiving. I do realize that I am super weird and that a lot of people see Valentines day as a pointless holiday. I think it’s because I love the color pink, and I love roses and chocolate. It’s the perfect holiday for all of the little things I love. I know it’s still early January, but it’s the perfect time to start shopping for Valentines day. Whether you are going out for drinks with your girlfriends, or enjoying a romantic dinner with your husband, you need a sexy red dress! These should be staples in your closet anyway! 
When shopping for an occasion, it is always better to order early. You wouldn’t want to have a shipping disaster, and not have your dress in time. For me, I usually have to have my dresses tailored, which can sometimes take up to two weeks. This means that I have to have my dress in my possession several weeks before the special day. I searched the web for the sexiest red dresses, so here they are!

Open Shoulder mermaid dress (I’m OBSESSED with this one)

Here are some more sexy red dresses for you to check out! I seriously love all of these! And most (except one) are super affordable!

I don’t think I am going out this year. As of right now, we are planning to order Red Lobster Carry out and eat it at home, and then perhaps watch a movie or something.

What are your plans for Valentines day? Are you planning on going out? Or do you find it pointless? I’m curious! Leave a comment below!


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