How to plan your Instagram feed


How to plan a cohesive Instagram feed

Okay, I am just going to be honest with you here. I don’t like Instagram anymore. It used to be my favorite social media platform, but not anymore. Not only are the algorithm changes just destroying everything, but there is a lot of cyber bullying there as well. It isn’t as pleasant as it was years ago when people were new to the platform.

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Nevertheless, people are making millions of dollars on Instagram. But the days of snapping a pic and uploading it are long gone. Instagram moguls are making a killing by creating beautiful Instagram feeds that attract loyal followers who are looking for inspiration of some sort. Usually style, design, etc. The best way to get a piece of this coin is to create a stunning feed and work on getting a loyal, engaging audience. Today, I’m sharing my tips with you!

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First, you’ve got to decide what your Instagram theme/color scheme will be. 

A coordinated feed looks ten times better than one that is not. Especially if you are a blogger or an influencer. You will want to choose a feed that is inviting and keeps people coming back for more.
Perhaps the most talked about Instagram accounts that I see online is Amrezy’s. She carefully curates a color series. Scrolling through her feed is like looking through the pantone color cards and its absolutely amazing! A feed like this takes a lot of work and planning, but it definitely stands out and makes a bold statement.

Another instagram feed that I love is by Kat Gaskin. Kat is a kick ass boss babe who I’ve been following for years. She created The Content Planner, which is the only planner made for bloggers and online business owners to plan content for websites and socials. 
Her instagram isn’t coordinated by color, instead she has this killer tropical vibe that keeps me coming back. Kat is an ocean lover like myself and takes incredible photos of beaches, pineapples, and all things tropical. She adds her own personal style by adding warm color filters to her photos. Such a dreamy feed. I love it, and if you don’t follow her, you should!
And then there’s my feed. I found that I simple can not stick to one theme or color scheme, so I decided to change my themes and colors out every six photos. Probably not as cohesive as these others but it works for me. There really are tons of different ways to plan your feed, so do what suits your style!
If you need additional inspiration, check out my VSCO board on Pinterest.
VSCO is an awesome photo editing app where you can create your own color schemes. I have an entire board on my pinterest with TONS of VSCO pre sets!
Now you need to take your photos
This may seem super time consuming, because posing, photographing, editing photos, and optimizing them for posting takes quite a bit of time, but it is easier than scrambling throughout the month for good content. This is well worth your time. I promise. 
Figure out what you will be shooting, and then go for it! The best way to do it is to batch shoot. Batch shooting means taking all of your photos at once so that you don’t have to worry about it from day to day. It will take hours and lots of work, but I promise it is way easier.

Edit your photos
Edit your photos according to the theme you have selected. Sometimes editing takes a long time, but once you get the hang of it, you learn to do it quickly.

Download Planoly and create the perfect feed before posting
Planoly is an app that allows you to upload your images and arrange them to create a cohesive look. You can also schedule your posts in advance, so you don’t have to worry about posting at certain times. This app has totally changed the game for me. We all know that once we post a photo to insta, we can not re-arrange it. With this app, you can play around with your photos and know exactly how things will look together, and where to place them.
Now that we have Planoly, the next step is to choose your best photos and import them into planoly. This may seem super time consuming, because posing, photographing, editing photos, and optimizing them for posting takes quite a bit of time, but it is easier than scrambling throughout the month for good content. This is well worth your time. I promise.

Now its finally time to plan!
You will need to have a general idea of what you will be posting in the coming weeks. In the image I have used as an example, I have incorporated lots of red roses. Not only because I love them, but because Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks, so it fits in perfectly with this holiday.

Post and enjoy
You’re finally done! Who knew Instagram could be this much work right? Its crazy how far we have come on social media in these past several years.

Did I miss anything? What are your best tips for creating the perfect Instagram feed? 


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