5 Apps I can’t live without

I finally got a new phone! For my 30th Birthday I got an iphone 13!

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a new phone. I had the iphone 11 for a long time and I realized when it was too late that I should have ordered a phone with a little bit more space.

I didn’t make that mistake this time. I ordered a black iphone and I’m liking it so far. With all of the new space I have, I immediately downloaded all of the apps that I wanted. I used to only be able to have a few because I just didn’t have the space for everything. Here are the apps that I absolutely can not live without.


Chatbooks is the easiest and fastest way to turn your iphone photos into gorgeous photo books. I seriously love the simplicity of it because I tried to make books with shutterfly years ago and it was so difficult and overwhelming that I gave up and never ordered. Chatbooks take a couple minutes and are SO cute. Also super affordable as you can get a book for as little as $10.

If you use my link you can get $10 off your first order. That’s basically a free book!

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a video chatting app that I use to keep in touch with my bestie who lives on the west coast. Unlike face time, you can send a video message and they can respond whenever they have the time. It’s also very convenient because my friend and I are on different time zones so doing a live video call would be difficult for us.

Marco Polo is great for people who have long distance friends and family. I love that I can send a video message and my friend is able to respond on her own time. I definitely don’t like face time as much because you have to be somewhere with no distractions in order to facetime to work.

I feel like with facetime I would like people to schedule facetime appointments with me so that I don’t look a mess when they call. That’s why I prefer to be able to chat with someone when I’m ready.


I’m currently taking online French Classes, and I was overwhelmed trying to learn the basic vocabulary. I discovered Quizlet and it helped me tremendously. I’m able to quiz myself on the words and it really helps me retain all of the things that I learn in my lessons.

Pink Nation

Saving money gives me a huge adrenaline rush. I am an Angel cardholder at Victoria’s secret and I use the Pink Nation app to get the absolute best deals I can get! Sometimes they give out a free panty with purchase, other times they run sales for Pink Nation members only. I recently combined a Pink Nation sale with a $10 off birthday coupon and got a really cute floral bra for only $10…AND I got a free panty as well!


If you are a blogger or influencer, you’ve probably heard of Canva already. Canva is the absolute best app for creating graphics. Any and all kinds of graphics for your blog, business, social media, YouTube, etc. I have to have Canva pro because it has so many amazing extra features like re-sizing graphics, tons of fonts, and more! Join Canva Pro Here!

Moon Phase

Lately I have been falling in love with the moon. I’ve always been in absolute awe of the beauty of the moon, but I have been paying attention to the phases of the moon. I’ve also been journaling with the moon phases. The moon phase app tells the phase of the moon, how visible it is. It also tells when golden hour is for photograph reasons. The app has helped me feel more connected to the earth since I can now track the phases of the moon.


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