Sensory Deprivation Tank: Everything you need to know.

Something new to try in 2016
Sensory Deprivation tank (float pod)
Recently I decided to try something new, something that I had been hearing about but couldn’t find time to try.
I went for a 60 minute session at my local float spa and needless to say I fell in love.
I definitely think that this is something amazing to try this year. You will find these sessions very beneficial in many different ways. Let me share some details with you.
What is a float pod?
That is exactly what I thought in the beginning. I had never heard of such a thing until I started reading stories online. I had so many questions.
A float pod is formally known as a Sensory Deprivation tank/pod
The pods are lightless, soundproof, and filled with only 10 inches of water, which is heated to body temperature. The water contains a large amount of epsom salt, which makes the water very dense allowing you to float effortlessly on the surface of the water. The average session is about 60 minutes long. During a session, your blood pressure decreases while blood flow increases, your brain activity is also reduced in the tank. Floating helps relax your mind and body as well as alleviate any pain you have in your body.
The experience:
The float spa I visit is exceptionally clean, the staff is amazing and very friendly and I feel more relaxed the moment I enter the doors. Hopefully you experience the same.
Once the tank is ready you enter a private room complete with your own tank as well as a shower.
You must shower before entering the tank and then insert earplugs provided by the spa. Petroleum jelly is available to use if you have any small open cuts that may burn due to the salt.
Once you shower it is time to enter the tank. Swimwear can be worn in the tank however it is recommended that you do not wear anything while floating in order to maximize your comfort during your session.
Doesn’t that make you claustrophobic?
That is the most common response I receive when explaining the tank to others.
No, It doesn’t
The tanks are actually quite comfortable and doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic at all. If at any point I were to feel uncomfortable I could just open the tank and float that way. It is recommended that you float with the pod closed and the lights off, however you have total control. There are buttons in the tank that control the lights (mine had lots of different colors) as well as volume (you can choose music to listen to during your session) Whatever is comfortable for you.
Mind and body
The first few minutes in the tank I spend playing with the lights and music as well as simply being fascinated by the fact that I was floating so effortlessly. After I turned off the lights and truly relaxed I found it difficult in the beginning. My mind was racing, thoughts scrambling everywhere. Several minutes later, I became completely relaxed and one with the water in the tank. I also felt the muscles in my body relax like never before. My body was thanking me for sure. Before I knew it, the tank was talking to me, telling me that my session was over. I was disappointed it was over so soon. But it wasn’t soon, It was a full 60 minutes. Time really flies when you’re in the tank.
Why float?
Still not convinced? Here are a couple more reasons why floating is pretty necessary.
Stress relief: Floating helps with stress and anxiety.
Pain relief: Epsom salt when absorbed through the skin reduces pain in muscles and joints
Peace: No phone, no noise, no children, no worries.
Sleep Aid: Floating puts your body in a relaxed state and will give you the best sleep of your life.
New: It is something totally new and fun to try in 2016.
I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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