How to have a Girl Boss mindset

The Girl Boss mindset: The key to unlocking your inner GirlBoss

Hi and welcome back to my Girl Boss series! This has been such a fun series to write so far and I’m so glad you are here with me today. 

Obviously, you stumbled upon this post because you are ready to take the steps to becoming a total boss in every aspect of your life and for that I have to say congrats. I know it seems like there is so much you have to do to get to that point, but honestly the biggest change you can ever make is in your mind.

True Girl Bosses have something in their mind that other women don’t. They have given up the normal way of thinking in society and have expanded their consciousness to believe that they are capable of achieving anything they want. 

And before we go any further, I want to clarify that you can be a Girl Boss in any and every aspect of your life. Of course, when we think of Girl Bosses, we think of powerful women who are wealthy and well known. But really, you can be a Girl Boss no matter where you are in life. Stay at home mom like me? You can handle your responsibilities like a BOSS. Are you currently in college? Do you love to travel? Are you really focused on building wealth? You can be a Girl Boss in whatever you do.

Fall in love…
…With YOURSELF! I can not stress this enough! You will never be able to achieve the highest level of success possible if you are not absolutely in love with yourself and confident in yourself. In today’s day and age, I know there are so many women who are always down on themselves. They have body image issues, or they are not confident in the workplace, or the worst…they feel like they always need a man in their life. You need to learn that you are an amazing woman who can achieve anything no matter what other people say or think about you! For some it might take a while to completely fall in love with themselves, but I promise that once you do, it is life changing!

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Start associating with like-minded people.
The company you keep will form the person that you are over a period of time. If you want to better yourself and continue to level up in life, you need to drop the people in your life that aren’t sharing the same desires as you. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to completely ditch all of your friends, but you should really focus on finding other like-minded people. If you aren’t the type of gal who likes to go out and meet new people, join Facebook groups with people who share your same goals! Follow those kinds of people on social media, try to surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to be doing in life.


Study other Girl Bosses or anyone who is where you want to be in life.
In my current stage of life, I am primarily focused on building wealth so that my husband can retire early and we can travel the world together or even just hang out on the beaches in Florida all the time together. Because of this, I am taking time every single day to read books, blogs, watch videos, listen to podcasts, all related to wealth building and personal finance. Not only do I want to build wealth for us, but I also want to build generational wealth so that my girls will get a little something when we pass on. I hate talking about that but hey it’s definitely something all parents should consider. 

I’m reading a lot about Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Oprah, even bloggers and influencers who have already created a life of financial freedom and people who have retired early. I love learning from them because I otherwise would have no knowledge of these wealth building strategies. I can take the information that I am learning, do additional research, and find out if it is a good option for my life. I spend hours per day doing this and I have already learned SO much! Things that I never would learn by binge watching NETFLIX all day long or listening to gossip shows on YouTube. My tip to you is to find 3 people who are where you want to be in life and read all you can about how they got there and how they are continuing to grow and improve their lives. I guarantee you will learn SO much!

Mind your own business
I haven’t had a job where I worked around other people in a long time. I was a nanny for years but before then I worked in retail with a bunch of nosy people. Some of them were extremely rude, and just all-around bad people. If you work with bad apples like these, my best advice to you is to just mind your own business. Never tell people too much about your personal life, your struggles, or anything like that. Miserable people love to hear when other people aren’t doing well and they thrive on that kind of information. They spread the gossip or use it against you and it just isn’t okay. Make small talk with your coworkers, but never spill too much tea about your personal life, and don’t get involved in gossip or poor treatment of other co workers either. You are better than that. Use that energy to better yourself.

Use these tips to completely dominate in life and become a total BOSS. 

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