How to create a vision board

How to create a Vision board + Goal Planner Worksheet

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It’s that time of year again. The time where we reflect on all the things we’ve accomplished in the past 12 months and set goals for the upcoming year.
For the past several years, I’ve always written down my goals in my bullet journal and scratched them off as I went. But this year I’m finally going to make a Vision Board! I’m not new to the concept of vision boards, in fact I think we can all pretty much agree that for most of us Pinterest is a giant vision board. But since 2018 was a raging success for me in terms of smashing all of my goals (even my wildest dream of a castle wedding) I want to take things to the next level buy putting my dreams into a visual collage that I will see every single day.

What is a Vision Board?
A vision board is simply a collage of photographs of the things that you want to achieve in the future. Could be things in the very near future, maybe a 5-year plan, or a specific board like a wedding vision board of a dream home vision board. This collage is displayed somewhere you will see it all the time which helps you maintain your focus on your ultimate goal.


What is the purpose of a vision board?
It’s easy for me to answer this question for you because I thought the exact same way. Why do I need to go out of my way to create a vision board when I can just write down my goals. It’s the same thing, right?
The difference between a hand-written goals list and a vision board is using images to visualize your dreams until they become a reality. Vision boards help use the Law of Attraction to bring your dreams to life.
If you don’t know much about the law of attraction, it is something that has become increasingly popular in 2018. The concept is smashing your goals by attracting them to you by changing your entire mindset.


Two different types of Vision Boards
A physical vision board is usually made from clippings from books and and magazines, cut and pasted to a piece of poster board and hung on the wall in the bedroom or office.
A digital vision board is a collage of images sourced from all over the web and arranged neatly into a collage with a photo editing program.
I will be creating a digital vision board. I’m really picky about the printing quality of images that I hang on my wall, so I’m just going to create an awesome collage and use it as the lock screen on my phone. I unfortunately look at my phone way too much, so this is the absolute best place for me to have a vision board. It’s an awesome way to subliminally put these thoughts into my head all day every day. It’s going to increase my drive and motivation to get these done.

How to be a Girl Boss

How to create a vision board.
Step 1: Question yourself.
Before you begin with your vision board, you must figure out what kind of things you want in life.
What would improve the long-term quality of your life?
What would bring you happiness?
How do you want to feel once these things are achieved?
What is the timeframe you want to accomplish these goals?
Are you creating a board for a specific goal like vacation, or wedding?

Step 2: Find inspiration!

Find the best pictures and quotes from all over the web. My top 3 favorite sites are Pinterest, Tumblr, and WeHeartIt. You don’t have to have too many pictures, just enough to get the point across. I think I’m going to start with about 15-20. Save them all to a folder on your computer or on your phone.

Step 3: Create!

I will be using Canva to create my board. I know there are tons of photo editing apps and programs now a days, but for me Canva is the absolute easiest thing to use. So, pick your photo editing software and let’s get it going!
Arrange your images in a collage that makes you happy. Then either print it or save it on your phone.


How to use your Vision Board.
A vision board is no substitute for a hand-written goals list. Once you’ve got an awesome vision board put together, then you can start planning out how to achieve them.
First, write down the main goal, and then the baby steps you will need to get there. Baby steps are absolute gold when it comes to setting goals. You never want to set something completely unrealistic for yourself. You will become overwhelmed and discouraged. Start with small, simple steps that you can make awesome progress.

My vision board, broken down.

Pay off debt.
I don’t have much debt, but debt is SUCH a burden. Ugh. I HATE it SO much. It needs to be taken care of so that I can move on with my life. Unfortunately, I made some bad choices several years ago before I was thoroughly educated on how they would affect my life. Paying them off will feel so good!
Buy a house.
UGH. This one is a huge issue for me. If you are familiar with my blog, you may have read my post about why I don’t want to buy a house. If you are in the mood for a long read, you should check it out. My husband and I are in a tough situation with our housing situation. We want to move, but the idea of a mortgage kills our souls. However, we have been renting our current house far too long and we are getting tired of it. I’m satisfied with the house itself, it’s the people around us that are the problem. We are at the time in our life where we need to get a place of our own.
Swim with stingrays
This isn’t an immediate goal, but I really, really want to do an island vacation someday. It has always been a dream of mine to swim with stingrays and touch a starfish that is in its natural habitat. I want to visit a place that looks like a screensaver. We are getting closer to the point in life where that is doable for the whole family and I absolutely can not wait.
Keep growing my hair
OMG. I mentioned in my 2018 Bucket List that I wanted to grow my hair and I did! It’s so much longer now than it was in the beginning of the year, but since my hair is naturally curly, I must grow my hair longer to make up for the shrinkage. I would love for it to grow probably 6 more inches and then I’ll be satisfied.
Have an awesome 10th Birthday Celebration for my oldest daughter and 7th Birthday Celebration for my youngest at Myrtle Beach.
My oldest is a summer baby (June 30) and my youngest has a birthday in May. We like to celebrate both together by taking an awesome summer vacation to Myrtle Beach for the 4th of July. We eat awesome food, watch fireworks on the beach, chill out in an awesome air bnb, and just enjoy the time we have together. This year I really want to make it special since Alexa will hit double digits! That’s huge! A whole decade of this crazy beautiful life. I’m going to cry just thinking about it. I want to have balloons all in our rental house and everything. I really want to make it special for her.
My new engagement ring.
This will happen someday when the time is right. I finally designed the engagement ring of my dreams. We purchased a small one years ago so we could have all the time we wanted to get the one I really wanted later. I took inspiration from Lady Gaga and chose a heart, and one day I’m going to make that happen.

I’m so excited to smash my goals in 2019! Have you made your vision board yet? Are you planning on making one? Let me know!

Comments (4)

  • Kristie Woszczyna

    December 17, 2018 at 1:57 am

    I love this idea and such a great way to start the New Year!


  • Unknown

    February 22, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    Great info, love this idea!

  • Bettie Toonstra

    June 24, 2019 at 7:01 am

    Love this post. I recently made my own vision board and I look at it every single day.


  • Keyomisook

    July 23, 2019 at 9:26 am

    this was a great read! I just wanted to say that I’ve been making vision boards since 2000. I even have my children doing it. What I have noticed about my vision boards is; after I make one and when it’s time to renew with a new one I noticed that a lot of the things on the vision board was accomplished and completed. All the goals I didn’t complete I cut it off the old vision board and added to the new one. But surprisingly most of the goals were complete. I also put my big board right on the ceiling above my bed. Its the 1st thing I see when I wake up it’s the first thing I see. And to tell you the truth even though I look up at it I really don’t study the board because I know what’s on it. I just briefly glance and go on with my day. This is why I mentioned I would be so surprised that most of the goals were completed. I gotta tell you it’s like magic. To find out that we have control of our own reality utilizing my mind through hopes, dreams, and sure will power is more than something to just think about.

    Thanks again! for sharing ☺️

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