How to be a Girl Boss

December 30, 2018Victoria Coburn

How to be a Girl Boss

Hello and welcome to my Girl Boss series! This is the first post of many and I’m so excited to start this series in 2019. I’ve started this series to help motivate and educate you so that you can start your Girl Boss journey. If you have already started, hopefully my advice will help you as you learn and grow as a person.

The real reason why I’m doing this series

Well basically after years of just getting by in life, I’ve decided to step my game up. My husband and I have been renting the same house for almost 7 years. We are semi comfortable here but for years we have talked about how we need to get a place of our own. Last week, I met with my bank and for the first-time asked questions about getting a mortgage for our own house. After this meeting, I realized we had a lot to work on and that put me on a frenzy to change a lot of things about my life. Basically, I immediately went into girl boss mode!

One thing that I have learned about myself is that I’m a very goal-oriented person. I’m also good at figuring out what I want in life and finding a way to make it happen. After I left the bank, I realized there was so much I haven’t been doing to better myself! There is always room for improvement and that is something that I have no problem accepting.

My 20’s were an absolute hot ass mess!

OMG where do I start with my 20’s. Ugh. What a nightmare. To sum it all up, I had my first child when I was 19 years old and my second when I was like 22. Talking about it like this makes me feel super old.

My early 20’s I spent working in retail making no money, and then working as a nanny making better money but still not enough to get ahead financially. My husband got his job when I was like 22-23 but when he started in the company, they weren’t paying him enough. We could barely support ourselves. And by support ourselves, I mean that we had food on the table, a place to stay, and cars to drive but not much more than that. It was hard to keep up with the bills when we didn’t make that much money to begin with. That was a struggle for us for a couple of years.

After living in an expensive area for one year, we moved to a less expensive house and I was able to get a full-time nanny job making decent money. This decision alone drastically changed our lives, but somehow, we were only doing just ok. No money in savings, no emergency funds.

Car troubles

On top of all the stuff that was going on, my car died and that’s when the REAL struggle began. You see, in order to save money, I was driving an older car because I just didn’t want to make a car payment. But one day my car died unexpectedly, and I had to get a newer one.

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My car payment was high and so was full coverage auto insurance. Then my husband needed a car as well so we both ended up financing a car at the same time. It was super tragic, and even though his income was growing, it wasn’t making a difference because we were just paying the money out for our car payments.

At that time, it seemed like we were doing worse than when he was making less money. You know what they say, more money, more problems. That was true in our case.

Early payoff saves lives…sort of.

We worked for I think 2 years and paid off both of our cars early. That was like 2 years ago. We basically took every extra dollar we had and paid the car people all the time until both cars were completely paid off. That was the absolute best decision we’ve ever made. After we paid them off, everything changed for us and it’s what really motivated me to start being better with our finances.

Present day struggles and goals.

Today, life is so much better for us! My husband’s income has grown significantly, and I am now able to be a stay at home mom. For the past 2 years, I had a summer job with my long-time nanny family, but it was becoming too much for me and now for 2019, I will get to stay at home all year! I have been able to blog here for the past year and It has been amazing! I also have a lovely Facebook group for bloggers that I’m so glad I started! I also have been able to monetize my blog. It’s crazy being able to make money from home!

Room for improvement

Even though things are going well for us, there are some things we have failed at. We have absolutely failed at maintaining our credit scores. See, we don’t use credit cards at all, and we don’t have car payments anymore or any other bills that report to credit agencies. Because of this, we don’t have great credit scores. It is my mission in 2019 to raise our scores by at least 100 points so that we can buy a house or build our own with a good interest rate.

We also are really going to focus on growing our savings account in 2019. If it’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that saving your money is the best thing you can do with it!
I know there are lots of people doing better than me, and lots of people not doing as well as me, but this isn’t about where other people are in life. This is about my personal journey.

Girl Boss mentality.

Being a Girl Boss isn’t all about the money to me. There are lots of things that make me feel like I’m doing well in life. Being a girl moss means all around happiness and success. In every aspect of my life. This is also super important to me because I plan on teaching this stuff to my girls as they get older.

Being a Girl Boss means being confident in myself.
Being happy with my life, where it’s at and where it’s going.
Being an awesome mom and wife.
Being financially stable and free.
Being an awesome blogger who helps other women succeed.

I want to make my 29th year of life so amazing. So incredible. A year that will set a solid foundation to have an awesome time in my 30’s. One thing I have really fell in love with lately is the fact that women are absolutely killing the game lately. They are entrepreneurs, excellent businesswomen, strong single mothers, awesome stay at home moms, and even millionaires! I want to level up this year, so I figured we could do it together!

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