Easy Gingerbread Cookies

Easy Gingerbread Cookies


How to throw an awesome Christmas Cookie decorating party with easy gingerbread cookies.

Another day, another Blogmas post! Thanks for visiting. Yesterday, the girls and I had our 10th annual Christmas Cookie decorating party. It’s an awesome tradition we have been doing since they were born.

Because we have been doing it for so many years, I have learned SO many things about the entire cookie decorating process so I have to share them today. If this is your first year doing this, I suggest you read my story and my tips so you can have the best experience.

Our First year doing cookies was super fun don’t get me wrong, but looking back there were tons of things we could have done differently to make the process easier. When we first started, It was my bestie and I and we would just go to the grocery store and grab some Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. We would roll it all out and cut the cookies out and then we would bake them. The problem is that the would lose their shape in the oven and end up looking like blobs by the time they were done. Some would keep shape more than others like the stars but the wreath shapes and the stocking shapes would just totally blob out on us and it was up to us to use the icing to decorate it to look like the shape that it was.

Another issue with our routine was that we did everything the same day. It would take us probably 5-6 hours from start to finish and it really seemed like all day. Back then the kids were little and we had to try to work around their naps to keep them involved and by the end of the day we were so tired. We made awesome memories though and I’m so glad we did it.

Finally after like 7 years we were tired of it taking so long, and we were tired of our cookies losing their shape. We tried all the tricks, freeze them a bit before baking them, etc. But nothing really worked so I started researching cookies that don’t lose their shape in the oven and that’s were Gingerbread cookies came into the picture.

Baking Gingerbread cookies for the first time.

Going from buying pre-prepared cookie dough to making my own gingerbread dough from scratch was a huge adjustment for me. I was so nervous to try it because for me baking doesn’t come easy. I could follow a recipe perfectly and still have issue and I was afraid that was going to happen to me this time. I gave it a try anyway and the cookies ended up being perfect!

The 10th year- my best tips for a cookie party

I finally hosted gingerbread cookie party at my house and I wanted it to be a pleasant experience for everyone. Now that my kids are 10 and 6, they were able to help me with everything and they had a wonderful time being a part of it. We invited their best friends over to come over on Tuesday to do cookies here are a few things we did to make the process run smoothly.



Bake the cookies the day before.

I can not stress this enough! Especially if you are hosting a lot of people, baking gingerbread cookies takes a long time. The reason is because once the dough has been made, it has to be sealed and placed in the refrigerator for like 3 hours, so it can set and become easier to work with. This for us was exhausting. Well, for me at least. My kids didn’t seem too tired of it but we had to make two batches. I was afraid I was going to mess it up if I doubled the recipe so we made two different batches of dough one right after the other and put them in the fridge to set.

After dinner, we started rolling the dough out and using the cookie cutters. It was all fun and games until we realized that we made a lot of dough and the six cookie cutters we had just weren’t enough. So we made a bunch of cookies with half the dough and then decided to go in the morning to get some more cookie cutters for the other half of the dough.

The next day we went and picked up some new cutters and came home to finish the rest of the dough. We had a lot of fun making them but by the end I was super tired. But we weren’t done yet.

Making the icing.

I wish I took more pictures of the icing making process. But at this point I was just ready to be done with it. We made red, green, white, pink, and purple icing. My kids really wanted pink and purple even though those colors have nothing to do with Christmas. The best way to use icing when you have kids is to put it in like empty hair color bottles so that they are easy to squeeze and come out nicely for decorating. That is one of the most important tips I have here. Over the years I have found that using piping bags with kids tends to be very messy.

Prep the table

Once we made the icing, we only had a couple hours before their friends arrived. We waited around and watched a Christmas Story until it was time to start setting the table. We grabbed plates from the dollar store the other day (and I’m so happy I did). We made sure we had tons of sprinkles, we sorted the cookies so the kids didn’t have to dig through them all looking for the shape that they want. We made sure everything was set up and ready for their friends to come over.

Finally their friends arrived and we decorated over 60 cookies! It was so much fun and I had such a blast hosting my first Gingerbread Cookie Decorating party.



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