Best Halloween Costumes 2018

Best Halloween Costumes from across the web 2018.

You guyssssss! I can't believe that Halloween is already over! I spent the month of October decorating my house, watching scary movies, and doing lots of fall activities with my kids. I didn't dress up this year and to be honest, I kinda regret it. The costumes that I wanted were just way too much work that I couldn't even deal with it. 
One of my favorite parts of Halloween is seeing what everyone else was up to. This year, the costumes really blew me away. Of course the Kardashians won Halloween in my opinion, but there some other KILLER costumes that I came across. I totally have to share them with you. Maybe to give some awesome inspiration for next year. 
I'll be covering the hottest halloween costumes from all around the web. I want you to let me know which looks is your favorite!

Okay you guys, obviously I'm going to have to start with Kylie Jenner. She and her sisters donned many different looks this year and I loved them ALL. First up was her Butterfly costume with her gorgeous daughter Stormi Webster

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This was honestly such a cute look for babi Stormi's first halloween. She is SO DARN CUTE!!

And Kylie looked gorgeous as always.

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Butr that wasn't Kylie's only halloween look. She also NAILED the iconic Barbie costume! I've always wanted to be Barbie for halloween but I definitely couldn't pull it off the way she does.

The hair, the box, the outfit. Absolutely flawless!

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But her most iconic costume yet is her Victoria's Secret Angel costume that she did with all of her sisters! You guys they had REAL Victoria's secret wings and they just looked incredible! Such a perfect sisters costume-especially since sister Kendall is a VS model.

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Kim Kardashian looked stunning as always in her wings

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Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill also had a super hot costume-literally- She went as Fire, and her man was Ice. She hosted her own Halloween bash and shared some of the behind the scenes footage on her youtube channel-definitely worth watching.

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Carli Bybel did a super iconic Marilyn Monroe costume. Classic and I loved it.

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Megan Fox was a Hogwarts student and She looks stunningly beautiful as always

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Tia Mowry and her family dressed as Black Panther and Shuri-which I LOVE! I'm totally a Marvel Comics geek if you didn't know. My oldest daughter, Alexa was Black Panther as well!

I'm serisouly obsessed with all these looks and I'll add more as I find them! There are just so many awesome costumes this year! I hope everyone had a lovely halloween!

Which costume was your favorite? Let me know if there are any good ones that I missed.


  1. Great costumes! I love seeing family themed costumes, it's so cute :)

  2. Kylie's costumes killed it! Great post! You have a beautiful blog, I love the layout!!!


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