6 easy ways to decorate your home for fall

6 easy ways to decorate your home for fall

This throw pillow is currently at Target!

One of the top things on my Fall Bucket List is to decorate my house. I don't really do much decorating in the spring and summer, but Fall is my favorite season and I love to make my house so cozy and pumpkin filled. Here are 6 easy ways to decorate for fall.

1. Pumpkins!
The first day of fall every year, I get out all of my pumpkins. I have purchased a couple here and there and over he years I’ve got quite the collection. I don’t purchase real ones until the beginning-middle of october to prevent them from rotting before Halloween. By until then, I put pumpkins in every room of the house!

2. Throw pillows
Throw pillows are a simple, relatively inexpensive way to decorate for fall. You can find them anywhere but hobby lobby and Michaels have th the best prices. They really add those cozyfall vibes we are all looking for.

3. Replace your photos with fall photos.
I can’t keep the same photo in a frame. It bores me and so every season I switch out my photos. I know we all have tons of fall photos on our phones so don’t hesitate to have them printed and displayed around the house! They look amazing and we always catch ourselves looking at them.

4. Printable wall art!
Etsy has tons of printable art! You can find stuff for any occasion and awesome quotes! All you have to do is print them and put them in a frame and you’re done!

5. Candles
This is my favorite of course! Go to target or bath and body works and buy all the fall candles you can get your hands on. The smell will automatically make you think of fall and it will make your house amazing! 

6. Wreathes
I’ll have to admit that wreathes weren’t my thing up until 2 years ago when my friend make me one. It is so beautiful and perfect for for fall. Since then, I’ve picked up a really cute Halloween one and will probably make my own for Christmas. They are super cute, festive, and a great touch for any household! 


  1. OMG Bath and Body Works have the BEST fall candles. I went there the other day and I had to convince myself I didn't need like 5 new candles lol

  2. I never even thought of printable art! What a great idea!

  3. I love decorating with seasonal photos! I just started the past few years, I love it! It's a great way to freshen up :)

  4. Great tips, thank you for sharing! I soooo need to go pick up some candles and cute Fall pillows! I love printable art for my planners!

    xo Caroline

  5. i have a "falling leaves" candle going right now. love it :D

    Joy at https://www.thejoyousliving.com


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