Summer Beauty Tips from around the world

Summer Beauty Tips from around the world

Summertime is amazing. We spend our days at the beach, by the pool, out with friends, and staying up late. However, summertime can be hard on our hair and skin. Salt water causes dryness, makeup practically melts off, and we are more likely to get sunburn. It is important to change up your beauty routine to accommodate for the things we do to our body. I have an exclusive facebook group for lifestyle bloggers, with people from all over the world! I rounded up some of my fellow bloggers to spill their top summer beauty tips from their country!


My number one beauty tip is somewhat of a DIY as well: apple cider vinegar! I use this as a toner because my skin tone is so uneven sometimes. Also good to drink with some green tea to fight against bloating. 

I recently published a post on homemade mascara that is clay based and won’t run in the heat. The problem with normal mascaras is that they are oil based and will run or need to be reapplied. The link to the article is here

I absolutely hate tackiness of heavy foundation in summer heat. Took me 9 years of searching, but I finally found one that can stand scorching Dubai heat-Lancome Teint Idole. It is long lasting, buildable, blends perfectly, and stands even the highest of temperatures.


Wash your face at least twice daily. In Summer, the sweat and oil containing impurities can cause skin problems if not removed regularly.

Make sure to always oil the lengths of your hair before spending a day at the beach. It will protect your hair from drying out. (Think salty watre and sun…) My favorite is Monio Tiki Tahiti Tiare oil, because it comes in various floral scents.

Do you have any beauty tips that you would like to share? Leave them in the comments below!


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