How to transform your blog traffic in 7 days or less! Secrets to Pinterest Success!

How I transformed my Pinterest traffic and Blog traffic in just 7 days!!!

I’ve been on Pinterest for 6 years. I’ve manually pinned over 20,000 Pins! 

The problem was, that for all those years, I was pinning with no rhyme or reason.

I had a blog. I wanted to drive traffic to that blog. I had no strategy at all. I didn’t know what I was doing.

I came across tons of courses. But they were all super pricey and I wasn’t sure if I would get the results I was looking for. 
In 2016 and I had major growth to my Pinterest account. I had started a Halloween Board that got a LOT of attention. That board alone got me over a million views a month. In 2017, it jumped to over 2 million views. 

But the problem was, none of those top pins were my pins. They weren’t taking people to my blog. None of these views were benefiting me. I was pretty much wasting my time.

For a couple months, I changed the Halloween board to secret, so I could see my stats without it. My numbers plummeted and still, none of MY pins were getting impressions. It was SO annoying.

Finally, in March 2018, everything changed for me.

I was determined to make Pinterest work for me and my blog. I had been reading income reports, and traffic reports and I was SICK of not having traffic. After about a week of tweaking my profile and creating pins, something magical happened. 


Traffic to my Pinterest, and traffic to my blog.

MY pins had the top impressions for the very first time. I would wake up in the morning, check my blog stats and see that there were visitors overnight.

I was SO happy. I thought this is just temporary. I thought that once this pin dies down the traffic will too. 

It didn’t. Traffic keeps rolling in.

My Pinterest views kept going up and my blog traffic did too. Finally, multiple people on the blog at once, more than 100 page views per day- In under 7 days!!

Finally, my hard work is paying off,

So I decided to write an ebook. 
I wrote this ebook for people who have tried so hard and see little results.

I wrote this ebook for people who are just starting out and don’t want to waste years like I did.

I wrote this ebook for people who are willing to work, because they are hungry for success.

What you’ll learn
How to set up your Pinterest Account.
How to Optimize your Profile for the best search results.
How to find and join the best group boards.
How to create pins that will go viral.
The exact strategy I use to get thousands page views every month.
A list of my favorite group boards that are accepting contributors.
The SECRET that changed everything for me.

I promise you that if you follow this book step by step, you will transform your blog traffic in 7 days or less. GUARENTEED!!!  And those results will be permanent if you continue to do the work.
This has been life changing for me and I hope it is for you too!!

I promise it’s the best $20 you will ever spend if you are serious about blogging!


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  1. April 4, 2018 / 9:18 pm

    Cool post! I looove Pinterest. One of my favorite platforms actually. It can do crazy things for blog traffic! That's awesome that you wrote an ebook. Sounds informative! 🙂

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