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Planning the wedding of my dreams

Planning the wedding of my dreams

Hello!  Welcome to my wedding series ! I decided to create a series rather than just a few posts here and there because when I look for wedding planning I get lost in people’s wedding planning series whether it’s on their blog or on their YouTube so I figured that this would just be really fun to document especially for me to look back on in the future as well.
Every Wednesday I’ll be posting details about my wedding or wedding related things up until I get married which probably won’t happen until 2019. Today I’m just going to kick it off with telling a little bit about my style and why am not having a traditional wedding.

Let’s get this out-of-the-way right now. I’m already married.
Yep my husband and I had a quick marriage at a bed and breakfast  three years ago. This was because we knew that we wanted an amazing wedding but we knew that it was going to take a lot of time and money that we weren’t ready to start working on at the time so we went ahead and tied the night so we wouldn't feel pressured to have our wedding.

Just like everybody else I want my wedding day to be absolutely perfect and perfection takes time which is why am grateful that we already got married technically will we will be just doing a vow renewal ceremony.

I’m also very nontraditional type of girl so my wedding will probably be anything but traditional we won’t be doing an engagement party we might do engagement photos I think that would be lovely, But we aren’t really doing every single thing that the traditional bride would do I find it all just so overwhelming to plan and very expensive I have a really budget friendly mindset so a lot of the things that a typical bride would do I kind of find extra and unnecessary.

 It’s also not as easy to plan a wedding with my husband I want him to have a say in everything but there was just some things that we didn’t really agree on so that’s also really tough and planning a wedding you have to please yourself and your groom and you have to please your guests as well and that’s a lot of pressure on two people that just want to have a happy day.

Luckily for me my husband and I agreed pretty quickly upon our venue both of us love it and refused to choose any other venue.  Should I share the venue this week? Why not I suppose.

** I said YES to the dress! see which on I chose HERE!**

Boldt Castle: The perfect venue for a castle wedding.

I really wanted to get married at a place that was extremely affordable but beautiful that had a great deal of history behind it because I love history and I love being in a place that has a story behind it. After searching the web for just a short while I discovered the most amazing venue at least for me I showed my husband got the pricing details and he definitely agrees that it’s the perfect venue for us.
I truly feel like my life is a fairytale every day with my husband so I really want my wedding to be like a happily ever after vibe so we chose to get married at Boldt Castle in upstate New York.

I was searching for castles in the US to get married that and honestly thought that I was never going to find one that was anywhere close to our budget I kind of was in the dream phase at that point when I came across bolt castle not only is it stunningly beautiful but it’s only seven hours away from our house and it’s extremely affordable the most affordable venue that I found actually and it has an incredible love story behind it.

George Boldt was a wealthy and powerful man who owned many hotels in New York City. Like any normal young man he met a young woman and fell in love with her. They got married and had plans for children so Boldt decided to build his beautiful bride a 125 room, five story castle on an island in New York as their summer home. Construction began on this amazing castle in 1900, But during the construction bolts wife became ill and passed away right before completion of the castle Boldt was so heartbroken that he had all construction be seized on the castle and never even returned to the island everybody left the castle half completed it was finished on the outside but never completely finished on the inside.
My husband and I will get to get married outside of the castle. I’ll be able to get dressed inside (apparently there is a bridal suite where I can get ready) but otherwise everything else will be outside this is perfectly fine with me being able to get ready for my wedding in a castle will literally be a dream come true because we only get to use the outsides that is what makes this such an affordable venue for us and it’s truly magical I’m going to insert some pictures so that you guys can see for yourself.

So the castle is located on an island actually called hart island in the thousand Islands of New York this is also super cool not only do I get a castle wedding but my castle is on its own island I love it I live for this.

There is the main castle which is that this beautiful building like I said it is five stories high 125 rooms and a few of the rooms inside are finished and they are beautiful I believe the state of New York took over the castle and began finishing it so that tourists could see it in all of its beauty.

Perhaps my favorite part of the castle is the powerhouse it’s got very medieval architecture and it’s like the perfect little mini castle it’s honestly stunningly beautiful but it’s very efficient it’s was built to be able to generate enough electricity to power the whole island which is awesome.

The gardens are stunning in the spring and summer. It really adds the perfect pop of color! I hope to get some good photos in the garden
Tyler and I plan to visit the castle sometime this sprint/summer. I want to check it out and make sure it is the absolute perfect venue for us. With excellent reviews on weddingwire, I'm sure we will be in great hands. I would love to tour the place before booking though. Of course Boldt Castle has a non refundable police once locking down a date.
Which by the way...choosing a date is the absolute hardest thing to do. I'm constantly worried that the day of the wedding will be pouring down rain and I will have to get my beautiful dress dirty for pictures. I really hope that everything works out perfectly.
Check back every Wednesday for my Wedding Series! I'll be blogging every step of the way!

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  1. Such a beautiful post! Read it several times. My cousin booked one of the graceful Los Angeles venues for her friend's surprise birthday party last month. Yummy cake, quality caterers and great Dj. Party was a real blast. Birthday girl looked amazing. Also got unlimited blessings and gifts.


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