Must haves for a perfect Blog

Must haves for a perfect blog

These days it’s just not enough to put up a blog and hope for the best. When someone lands on your blog for the first time, your goal is to get them to fall in love, and come back in the future. There are a few key things that every blog needs to be a success. By taking the time to put together a beautiful blog, you are guaranteed to gain loyal readership. Here are the things that every blog needs. 

A Start Here tab

I can never resist a start here tab. I just can’t help it. If I find myself on your blog and I see a start here, I’m clicking. This is a way to draw readers in so you can introduce yourself and tell them what your blog is about. If you are running a lifestyle blog where you don’t have just one niche, a start here button would be best for you. It is a clear call to action. From there, you would introduce yourself, let your readers know what your blog is about, list your services, products, and contact info for collaborations. It is very helpful for new visitors and brands to get to know you.

A navigation menu

You will need to have a menu so your readers can navigate your blog easily. If it is unclear what your blog is about and what else they can dive into, they will not stay. Usually these come with any well built blog theme, and will already be set up, all you will have to do is customize it.

An email opt-in form

This is a must no matter what happens to social media, you will always have your email list. Email marketing is not dead. With the constant changing of algorithms across all social media platforms, it is slowly becoming more difficult to communicate with your target audience. With an email list, you have direct access to your readers! No algorithm can change that. You should get an email form from day one. You can use mail chimp or convertkit  to manage it

A freebie for your opt in form

Having a freebie for your new subscribers is a great way to get connected with them. Any time they can get something free that will add value to their life, they will subscribe and most likely keep coming back for more freebies! It should only take you’re a day or so to create a solid freebie. This can be an e-book, a printable of some sort, a password to access a secret stash of files on your blog, stock photos, and more.

A contact form

Having a contact form makes it easier for brands and readers to contact you. You wouldn’t want to miss out on awesome feedback and collaborations, would you?

Widgets for other social platforms

Your reader might not want to have you in their inbox, but they might want to follow you on a platform that is most convenient for them. I usually will follow the blogger on Instagram instead of subscribing to their email. Once I’ve added them on social, I see them all the time which often draws me back over to their blog. My suggestion is to add your top 3 social platforms.

Social Share buttons

You need to have these front and center. On every blog post, and on your featured blog posts. Readers sharing content is one of the fastest ways to grow and it’s how people go viral. Never skip the social share buttons. Your theme should include them already, but if you find yourself not getting too many shares, maybe your share buttons are too small or don’t stand out enough.

Amazing images

Whether you take your images yourself, or purchase them from stock photo sites, you need to have incredible images on your blog. Spend some time on your top 5 favorite blogs. What is it that draws you in? What makes you come back for another read? What makes you subscribe? Answering these questions will help you find or create the perfect images. Canva is a bloggers best friend. It is a free app that helps you easily create stunning graphics for any social site. I recommend you download this to help boost the quality of your graphics.

Disclaimers and policies

This is a must have, especially if you are doing any kind of sponsored posts. You must state that it is sponsored according to the law. Some people put the disclaimers at the bottom of the about section and some create their own page for it. If you have them, you will be fine.

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