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The Wedding Dress of my Dreams

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Hi! And welcome back to my wedding series! I will be posting wedding related stuff every wednesday until I get married which may not be until next year.
Today I am going to share with you the wedding dress that I chose. It is literally the dress of my dreams and if you saw my 50 drop dead gorgeous wedding dresses post, then you’ve already seen it! 
Now, before we go any further, I know what you are thinking. “She’s going to show everyone her wedding dress?” Um, YES! Basically, I am having my dress custom made and the one I am showing you today is just the inspo pic. So you will not be seeing my real dress unitl the wedding. 
SO. Here’s the thing. I’m having my wedding dress custom made just for me. And I want to share my experience with all of you.
I am a very petite woman, short and tiny. Because of this, I have to a lot of my clothes tailored, and I prefer to have clothing custom made. This is just better for me because I have trouble finding clothes that fit me properly. 
My wedding dress is no different. I am having it custom made, so the dress that I post here is not my actual dress. It is the photo that I sent to the dress maker for the inspiration. Another reason why I don’t have a problem showing it.
I haven’t even gone to try on dresses because I feel like I am just too small, and all the dresses would swallow me and I don’t think it would be a very fun experience. I might go just to have the experience, but I don’t really think it is super necessary since I have already found the dress that I love.

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There are many benefits to having your clothing custom made, but the major one is the limitless options that I have access to. Once I contacted the dress maker, We talked a little bit over the phone and she gave me a rundown of the process.
I get to choose the lace, I get to choose the length of the train, I get to choose the type of padding that goes into the cups, I get to choose everything. This is why I like the custom process so much.
The only down side, is that the dress will take 5-6 months to complete. I suppose this is normal, but still, I don’t think I’ve waited that long for anything in my life! 
All of that being said, Here is the dress that I sent to the designer! OH! And she quoted me a price that was half of what this dress is listed for online, which is also AWESOME! 
I am having the dress made by Tova Marc, at Wedding Dress Fantasy her shop is located in New Jersey. She has killer reviews online, and specializes in plus size, petite, and non traditional wedding dresses. Fingers crossed that it is the absolute most beautiful dress that I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait until it’s finished. I am putting the order in within the next couple of weeks. I have to have measurements taken and send her some pics of my body so she can get an idea of my body type and then from there all I have to do is wait!

This dress is by Nektaria, an Australian based Bridal company. It’s been viral on Pinterest forever, and for very good reason. The first time I saw it, I knew it was the one.

You guys I am absolutely in LOVE! I think it is perfect for me and very fitting for a castle wedding. The best part, is that since i’m addicted to sparkles, I am having thousands of tiny swarovski crystals added to the gown after final alterations are completed. It’s going to be so sparkly and beautiful I can hardly wait!!!!!!
My wedding was an absolute dream come true and I couldn’t be happier with my dress! You can read all about the wedding here!
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Have you had a custom wedding dress made? Please let me know your experience! I love hearing from you! See you next Wednesday!

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  1. July 6, 2018 / 10:27 pm

    Gorgeous dress, Indeed! You'll look fantastic!

    Yes, I did have a wedding dress tailored. My mother bought the fabrics in India and a friend, professional seamstress, sew the whole thing, all in lace.

    If I ever remarry I'll wear a tailored suit next time. I did the princess thing and I'm ready for a new experience, if ever…

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