5 Ways to make passive income online

5 Ways to make passive income online

It sounds crazy…making money while you sleep, while you travel, while you work. But it’s not crazy at all. It’s called passive income, and it is generating part time and full time revenue for people all over the world.
I finally was able to monetize my blog earlier this year and it has been amazing for me!
The internet has changed the way we earn money. Making it easier for people to generate an income without working a full time job away from home.
Passive income, is income that you make without having to actively work for it. This is particularly amazing for stay at home moms like me who want to bring in a little bit of extra cash.
There are many ways to generate passive income, and I’m going to go over the ways people are doing it in 2018. I can’t guarantee there will be results, but I can say that it is working for tons of people all over the world.

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1.      Write an e book and sell it on multiple sales channels.
We all have our area of expertise, and we have people that could benefit from the things that we know. So, why not share your knowledge and generate a little bit of cash as well? Writing an e book is a great way to get some passive income.
You can write one from scratch, or if you already have a blog, you can repurpose some of your old blog content and put it together in a book. People will pay for the convenience of having all of that information in one place, and bonus points if you include a printable checklist or something they can use to implement the things they learn.

2.     Sell worksheets. If you are a teacher, or homeschooling parent who knows how to create worksheets for students-you can make money! You can sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers, which is a site where you can purchase all kinds of teaching materials. I personally purchase lots of worksheets from that site, and I know that it is an incredible resource for educators all over.

3.      Create an e course. Like an e book, you can make an e-course, and make tons of cash. I often see e courses explaining how to start a blog, or how to start making money with your blog. A lot of these courses are set at $400-500. It does require a lot of work initially, creating all the modules and such, but once it is complete, you can just sit back and watch the money roll in. This has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for bloggers so I know it could work for you.

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4.      Sell Stock Photography. There is a huge need for stock photography in the online world these days. With so many bloggers and writers needing high quality images, this is a great way to make some extra income! If you are good with a camera and can produce great content then I suggest you give it a shot!

5.      Join Affiliate Programs. If you are active on social media or have an engaging following, you should definitely join affiliate programs. There is a program for just about everybody. Shopstyle is for fashion, Amazon has affiliates, Target, and apple just to name a few. You will earn money based on clicks and/or purchases depending on the program.

Now remember, Passive income isn’t entirely passive. You will always have to do work marketing your product, promoting affiliate products, and maybe updating posts here and there, but it is definitely a great way to make some extra cash and for some, it turns into full time income. I would love to hear from you guys about your experience with passive income. 

There is just so much out there on the internet it’s incredible to see how much money you can make!
Have you tried it or have a friend who is killing it at making money from home? Let me know! I would love to hear those methods as well. 

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