Kids Photography project

Easy kids photography lesson

Hello! and welcome to my Blogmas series!

I’m always looking for new ways for the girls to practice what they love to do. They love to take pictures, and they are building quite the little portfolio if I must say. It’s Friday, so I wanted to do something simple and fun. 
I grabbed some ornaments, a stocking, and a Santa hat and told the kids to arrange it on the paper as desired. Then they took turns being the light girl and the photographer. We did this about 15 minutes and got some great festive shots! 
These were all taken with my iPhone, I didn’t feel like pulling out the DSLR. I think my battery hasn’t been charged in a while so this was the easiest way to go.

I got the white background paper from Hobby Lobby as well as the stocking and hat. Ornaments are from Target Christmas past.

I brightened the photo with the Lightroom app. I highly recommend!

This is a great projects for kids to start getting familiar with photography especially on freezing winter days like today.

If you try this with your kids, tag me on Instagram: mrsvictoriacoburn

These were just a few of the photos they took. We had an awesome time and I cant wait to add more!


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