How I changed my life in 2017

How I changed my life in 2017 (and achieved personal happiness).

2016  was not a very good year for me. I really struggled with Anxiety and was overall unhappy and unproductive. I didn’t really have any goals that I can remember and so I was just in a stagnant pool of misery all year (or so it seemed). I love New Years because it is a way that everyone can start fresh with new goals. 
I remember telling my husband that I wanted to change my entire life in 2017. It is the end of December 2017 and I am happy to say that I successfully did change my life in a positive way and I am just so grateful that I was able to do it. It took a lot of work and discipline to stick with my goals but I made myself a happier person into 2017 and here’s how I did it.

I learned how to manage my anxiety.

Having anxiety is not easy. I would have scary panic attacks where I felt that I was going to die. I went to the doctor a couple of times they tested my blood and my heart and everything looked OK so they didn’t really care about the fact that I was having strange episodes regularly. they gave me medicine that didn’t really work and it was useless to me so I had to learn how to manage my anxiety on my own. Once I did this I immediately felt better all around. It took a lot of work and time but once I learn how to manage my anxiety I felt so much better every day. 

I moved towards a minimalist lifestyle.
We moved into our house almost 5 years ago with stuff that we didn’t need. We shoved it in closets and some of it we haven’t even looked at since. Over the years we’ve collected more and more stuff most of it stuff that we just don’t need. I explained in my post about minimalism that I’ve been adapting a more minimalist lifestyle. This means that I’m slowly de-cluttering my house and removing things that I simply have no use for we haven’t used in the last for five years. This alone has helped me greatly. some of my belongings had negative memories attached to them, or items that were useless. It was hard getting rid of my children’s things because it seemed like each item that I was getting rid of had a special memory. I eventually got rid of their baby toys, clothes, and furniture that we didn’t use. I don’t know why but de-cluttering is very cleansing to me. I love getting rid of unwanted items. 

I created a financial plan.
This is SO freaking embarrassing. But until this year, I didn’t have a financial plan. Sure, I had a budget with all of my bills and expenses written down, but I never really had an actual financial plan for the future. This is absolutely terrible, and I highly recommend that if you don’t have a financial plan for your life, that you create one. I began listening to the Dave Ramsey show so that I could educate myself about becoming debt free and finally achieving financial freedom. 
If you are looking to transform your finances, Dave Ramsey is the way to go for advice. Everything he says is common sense, but it’s stuff that I just never really thought of before (terrible). After a solid week of noting but Dave Ramsey, I created a long term financial plan. Over the summer, I began implementing the things that I learned. I worked a summer job and used that money to pay off my car and my husband was able to pay his off also. Knocking out those car payments was SO helpful for us! It totally changed the course of our year. We also worked hard to decrease our other expenses as well and so far, we have managed to reduce our spending by about $11,000 dollars per year!

I changed my name.
My husband and I married 3 years ago. We had a tiny wedding at a bed and breakfast one weekday morning and were back at work by the afternoon. This was just to buy us some time to plan the wedding of my dreams. I had neglected to change my last name because…well if i’m being honest, changing your name is a giant pain in the ass and I simply did not want to spend any time at the DMV or social security office. So I procrastinated-for 3 years. This year, I decided that it was finally time to change my name, and that I was also going to update my I.D. kind of like…a new me.
Just like I expected, the social security office was a total nightmare and a half. I was there for over an hour just to be seen for maybe…5 minutes when I finally was called up. Luckily I had all of my paperwork or else I would have been devastated. It was a done deal and I recieved my new social security card in the mail about 10 days later. After that, I went to the DMV and got a new license photo taken.
It had been many years since the previous I.D. photo was taken and it was a terrible photo. I hated showing it to people because it was taken on a bad day and just simply wasn’t…me. For years I dealt with it but it was finally time to make a change.
Taking my new ID photo was quick and easy. I will definitely give tips in another post. Also, when I last took my photo- we were not allowed to smile with teeth. This was to help with the facial recognition system. This time, we were allowed a real smile and I really think that made a big difference. 
What was tough though, was waiting for the new license to come in the mail and hoping that it turned out just as beautiful as i’d hoped. 
And it did! I am SO satisfied with the photo and I am not ashamed to show it to people anymore. To celebrate my new name, I had the photo printed on a cake and it was amazing. I’ve never really celebrated my self in that way before. I’d never had my face on a cake. That was definitely one of the best moments of 2017 for me. I felt like I was genuinely getting a fresh start as a new woman. 

I stopped giving a shit.
Yep. That’s right. I’ve always been the person to literally not give a shit about anything but I think I took it to the next level this year. This year, I decided to no longer give a shit about anything or anyone that wasn’t going to add value to my life. If it isn’t going to benefit me, then I simply do not give a damn. This is particularly difficult sometimes. I had to make decisions about people in my life and things that I was doing. I had to stop worrying about everything else except myself and my family. Not that I worried too much about other people, but you know. I just don’t tolerate any bullshit in my life anymore. If you are a toxic person, I will cut you out with absolutely NO remorse. I think it will help me moving forward in life and help me stick to my priorities with no distractions. 
If there is something in your life that isn’t adding value, not lifting you up, not motivating you to do better, you need to get rid of it! It will make things so much better for you! I promise!

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