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10 easy ways to save money.

10 Easy ways to save money

It’s time to start making better financial choices people. Saving money is a necessary evil. Whether you want to go on the vacation of a lifetime or you are stacking money for retirement, saving is always a good plan. But I totally understand that saving can be easier said than done. It takes discipline and motivation to buckle down and make changes to you spending habits. It is all worth the hard work in the end- I swear. Here are my top ways to save a little cash. Without aggressive couponing. 

1. Cut Soda, energy drinks, etc. 
One of the major things we did when it came to bettering our financial situation was to cut soda. The last time I was at the grocery store I caught a glimpse of a deal for 212 pack of cans for eight dollars this is what we would’ve spent on sodas typically 2 to 3 12 packs of soda’s-For just one week. So let’s calculate that eight dollars a week 52 weeks per year. That’s a savings of $416 dollars per year! Additionally, it is better for our health.

2. Stop going out to eat! 
This one was huge for us or my husband and I. Where we live, the customer service is constantly terrible everywhere we go so it actually forced us to try red lobster. the red lobster in our area had such incredible customer service that it became the only restaurant that we went to. We would eat at Red Lobster I would say twice a month, spending about $65-$80 per visit. So if we calculate that at the minimum... that’s $130 per month and $1,560 per year! Crazy right??? 
I’m not saying you should stop eating out entirely. There are some times when you just crave a certain restaurant, but try to keep it limited to only once per month. Also, ordering carry out is great because you still get the amazing food but you don’t have to leave a massive tip. *tipping is important to us. So we usually do leave a juicy one. This is why we had to limit eating out. We spend a lot of money in just tips! 

3. Don’t tempt yourself. 
Whenever I’m on a strict budget and saving for something I don’t even go to stores that often. Think about it... whenever I go out to stores with my kids on our homeschooling ventures we always see things on clearance or for just $10 or always something that I’ve been seeing for so long but I certainly need it for some reason that I never needed before going out to stores and malls and windowshopping when you know you should not be spending money is not a good idea.
Sidenote: it is also a bad idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach with no meal plan but we will get to that later. 

4. Pay your bills on time. 
The average late fee for your bills is roughly $10 if you fail to pay your bill on time just two or three times in one month you’re wasting up to $30 that could be a full tank of gas groceries a treat a manicure but you’re literally throwing down the toilet stop paying your bills late stop paying late fees I can’t stress it enough. 

5. Shop for Christmas and birthdays all through the year. 
I was going through target the other day and saw a deal that I couldn’t resist it was a Crayola sad that included paint paint brushes and watercolor all in one for only like seven bucks it’s only October but I have a niece who would love that for Christmas and it was a killer deal you can’t beat seven bucks for Crayola set so I bought it and I put it in my gift been. I have a bin full of gifts that I pick up for people during the year when I see things on sale or just something in general that’s a good price that will fit one of the people that I know I purchase it and put it in the bed I also store old bags from birthday parties wrapping supplies and spare cards that I buy in the bin also that way whenever it’s time for a birthday party or holiday I’ve got a ton of gifts already ready that were at a good price I don’t have to splurge on a card and I don’t have to buy wrapping paper tissue paper last minute it’s a brilliant idea. 

6. Ditch your cable.
I’m pretty sure a lot of people are doing this. I don’t know many people that still have cable. If you’re trying to save money and make better financial decisions cut the cable you can watch anything online these days there’s no reason to spend the extra cash you can spend it somewhere else better. 

7. Buy things in bulk
There are just something’s you should always buy in bulk. Get your toiletries, dry foods, condiments, hygiene products, etc in bulk. If you don’t have a Costco membership-you should consider. Best prices around! Also, great gas prices as well!

8. Speaking of Gas Prices-Use the gas rewards you earn at the grocery store. 
If you are anything like me, you probably shop at a grocery store that has a bonus card where you can earn money off gas. This is huge! One time I earned .60 cents off each gallon of gas! That’s SUCH a great savings! There are certain gas stations that partner with these rewards but if you incorporate it into your routine and you will make out like a bandit! 

9. Do not shop without coupons!
This is easier than it sounds! Before you go out, check for coupons to the stores you shop. You can find coupons online all the time! Even if it saves you 10% that’s still a savings! 

10. Stock up during sales!
I’m a candle addict, and I also like beauty items. So I like to go wild in the stores on Black Friday. I spend a lot of money at once but I get good deals and I have a stockpile of goods that will last a while. 

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