Geocaching: my latest obsession

So I recently discovered this new thing that I’m slowly falling in love with. It’s called geocaching and I’m going to give you all the details! It’s a great way to get outside and be on a mission to find something but it doesn’t cost money and it doesn’t take too much time, I really have enjoyed it.
I came across it on one night while I was online and just seeing the word made me want to look more into it because I had I never heard that word before.
So I started googling and after I did my research I realize oh my gosh this seems like a lot of fun!
Geocaching 101
So basically geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. Think Pokémon go but you’re not looking for anything digital you’re actually looking for a physical item that’s hidden somewhere.
What is a Geocache?
An actual geocache could be anything from a used old medicine bottle pill bottle to a huge tool box filled with goodies in every geocache there is a logbook or piece of paper for everyone who finds it to sign and date the log is really cool and you can often see how many years back people have been logging this geocache.
If the geocaches big enough people often leave goodies in there the ones we found had a couple of bracelets temporary tattoos business cards and old coins the rule is though that if you take something from the geocache you’re supposed to replace it with something of yours so it’s a treasure trade type of thing.
I quickly did some research on the website and discovered that there was a geocache near me just about two minutes away. This was exciting because I didn’t want it to be something that was going to be really hard to do I wanted that instant gratification.
The name of our geocache was called ‘phone a friend’
The name of the geocache alone was a big hint. The geocache was hidden along a paved bike path near the Walgreens right by my house. It was in a very tricky location although it was listed as a level one difficulty on the app. Simply because the coordinates were spot on you just had to actually use your imagination we actually found the geocache hanging from a wire in the drain in the ground the wire had a cell phone tied to it and old flip phone from back in the day when you pop the battery the log is inside the battery we brought our own pen so we were able to sign the log with no problem it was a really creative hide and the title was a really good hint so weird it was easy to find even that was hanging in a very tricky spot.
The second geocache we found was actually in town in a very very open spot is right next to my local gym in fresh market hiding in a rather large birdhouse in a tree towards the back of the buildings was our geocache we opened it up and it was a little Tupperware container that had a login it as well as some trinkets rings and actually candy I don’t recommend leaving candy in the geocache but it was interesting to say the least.
The last geocache we found was hiding in a bush the coordinates were spot on and the directions were precise so it was not hard to fine but it’s always sketchy to dig and bushes you never know what kind of bugs are critters are actually living in there not sure if I’m a fan of anything I have to dig through simply for safety reasons.
We did however search for three more the other day and didn’t find any of them other people had lodge them online as finding them recently and we were in the exact spot but we did not find them so maybe we are just too new to the game but I found this to be rather difficult even though they were listed as level ones.

Here’s what you need for a good geocaching trip.

Comfortable shoes because you’re probably going to be doing a lot of walking

A fully charged cell phone because I use the app to navigate to the coordinates of the hidden geocache

A pen because some geocaches are not big enough to hold a pen or they get taken by a different person

Bottled water whenever you’re out looking for a geocache you want to make sure that you have enough hydration even if you’re only doing something short if you become addicted to it and you find that you don’t want to leave without actually finding it would you causes you to stick around longer make sure you bring a snack and water with you to stay healthy

Tradables because if you find something cool in there that you want to take remember the rule is that you must replace it was something of yours make sure you bring some cool trinkets to replace it with

Did I miss any tips on Geocaching? have you tried it is this something that you would try there are millions of geocaches hidden all over the world and it’s really cool to sign them and leave them be tons of people leave their names and the date so you know who is just there I find it fascinating and a fun way to get outside and spend time with your family and kids of course all my Geocaching is done with my family and we have a blast of course we get a little frustrated when we don’t find one but otherwise it’s really fun and a great activity for fall.


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