Strobing:Get the look #GLbeauty

Strobing: Get the look

Makeup trends never cease to amaze me.
Just when you think you've got contouring and highlighting down, it isn't cool anymore because the new trend is strobing. Crazy, Right?
So what is strobing exactly?

Kim Kardashian

Strobing is basically just another term for highlighting. Strobing creates a flirty, dewey look and is quicker to achieve than the full contour and highlight routine.
I love strobing because it really brightens up the face.

Here is strobing...

...VS contouring


Super simple, you will need a good highlighting powder

Apply your highlight to your nose, cheekbones, below and above your lips.

Set the look with a finishing spray. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!

All photos used in this post were sourced from Pinterest

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