Fabulous Fathers Day Ideas!!

Good Day everyone!!
So, Fathers Day is June 21 and you certainly don't want to be one of those people at the drugstore picking up a card last minute. Just like it is important to women that their husbands put time and planning into a gift, it is the same for our husbands! They deserve a well thought out gift. Here are my favorite gift ideas.
1. Cuisinart grill set. Amazon (30$)
I have to share this product with you! I found this awesome grill set on Amazon last year for Christmas. At only 30$ I was really concerned about the durability of the kit and if it would be a good purchase. Over a year later, I couldn't be happier with this purchase. My husband uses it every time he uses the grill and despite being left outside (which isn't recommended) The utensils are still good as new. Very good quality and an unbeatable price. Order it now, here

2. Make Him a beer cake
I think this is a perfect Idea for fathers Day!!
Find out how here

3. Cute art from the kids.
4. Cook him a nice dinner
Because why not? Men are just as happy with a home cooked meal than they are when they go out to a fancy restaurant. Spoil him at home and decorate the table to make it more intimate. Link is here
5. Give him a sensual massage
Because men love the softness of a womans touch. Why not spoil him with a massage after dark?
Link here
6. Get him some nice cologne
Polo Red. Find it here
7. Hot. new. SEX
Buy a new set of lingerie, a new toy or a hot body chain for after dark :)
Find this body chain here
And if those ideas aren't your scene, here are a couple more
Shooting Range Date
I will add more ideas as they come to me.
Don't forget that Fathers Day is this Sunday! June 21. Don't be one of those people at the card section of CVS the morning of. Make it special, he deserves it.
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