5 Ways to decorate your skin for this Summer

Spring has officially sprung, and its time to pull out the sexy tops, comfy maxi dresses, and cute sandals. It is also the time to start using more accessories to tie your look together.
But really, the best accessory you have is your confidence and why not boost it a little bit by adding some playful details to your skin. These techniques are sure to grab some attention while leaving you looking fabulous this season! Here are my favorite ways to add more detail to your skin
First order of business
always wear sunscreen on your entire body, to help prevent skin cancer which kills thousands of people each and every year.
Once you've got your skin protected you can go ahead and dress it up!

Shimmer is the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your day without going overboard 

Flash Tattoos
Flash tattoos are temporary tattoos that are metallic. They come in lots of designs for a nice summer look. 

Tanning Stickers
I love tanning stickers because they are so simple and leave such cute shapes in my skin !!

Henna Tattoo
Henna has been around for ages, and it is a fun and sexy way to decorate your skin for the summer. 

Crystals can be applied to skin using eyelash glue for a flirty look!

Thanks for stopping by !! XO 

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